Bioshock Infinite Is An Amazing Game Plus Camp Nanowrimo

So I finished Bioshock Infinite today.

I don’t want to say much in case anyone reading this wants to play the game, but it’s a trip and a half. I love the way they tell the story, I love the way that it all turns out. Everyone else has been gushing about this, so I won’t keep going on about it, but it’s nice to see a story that is both not afraid to be dark and has some real heart to it without crowing in a love interest. Elizabeth is technically a secondary character, but she’s incredibly useful and no someone who can’t take care of herself.

Even when she gets kidnapped there are good reasons behind it and in some cases she allows herself to be taken in order to save your miserable life. I was one of those people who kept forgetting that vigours existed. The game would remind me and I would use them for a bit before forgetting that they existed all over again. Whereas in Bioshock they were core to the gameplay and needed in order to pass certain areas I can only think of one time where the same could be said of infinite. Most of the time I could get through with just my hand cannon or sniper rifle/carbine guns.

Elizabeth made the fights interesting, stopping me from getting too frustrated when they got really hard (like that final boss battle anyone? Jesus, it only took me two tries, but still). When I wasn’t allowed to have her by my side, the battles tended to feel a lot harder and more than that, I missed having her around which is more than I can say for most support characters.


These gifs basically sum up my Bioshock Infinite experience. Everything’s nice and normal, there’s dancing and a little shooting. Then everything gets twisted right up on its head and shit is spiralling so out of control that you’ll never keep up.
In other events I have been participating in Camp Nanowrimo. I’m ahead of where I’m supposed to be and keeping my word counts mostly, but I’ll go through periods where I just can’t write. There’s no inspiration, no feeling behind it. It’s hard to get as excited about it as I once was. I think this is mostly because there is no real collaboration for this project. I am, for all intents and purposes, working alone.

I feel like this should bother me more than it does, but there’s also something very peaceful about working on a novel project that doesn’t have a well-defined outside enemy to focus on. It makes it a bit harder to drive the plot, but also gives a very different feel.

Enough blabbering though, it’s time for me to get back to work. Those last twenty thousand or so words aren’t going to write themselves.